It’s Summer 2017

The grass is growing like crazy and so are the weeds.  Our horses are pasture boarded on about 30 acres of land.  Sometimes it gets mowed, but it’s hard to keep up.

jungle out here

I waffle back and forth as to whether it’s good to mow or not?  I think horses need some of the weeds and the short, mowed grass has more sugar which leads to fat, sometimes laminitic horses.

dog and weeks

Of course, if you don’t mow, will the weeds just eventually take over completely?  Because once mowed, the grass grows faster than the weeds.

tall grass

A healthy horse wants a mixture of different kinds of grasses, legumes, weeds, bark.  All kinds of things.  So the more diverse a pasture, the better.  Of course, getting a diverse pasture is hard.

evie and grass

You don’t want lush, green pasture for horses.  You want patchy, not-so-nice looking pastures.  With lots of choices.  The horses will find what they need if what they need is there.  We do give them supplements, minerals and salt also as I don’t think they get everything they need from the pasture they are on or the hay they get in winter.  Our pasture is too lush for them sometimes, especially Spring and Fall and they get fatter than they should be.


They’re happy though.  And we keep trying to balance everything out.

About learningtolovehorses

Stumbling into the horse world about six years ago - what I've learned and continue to learn from horses could fill a blog. I live an hour and a half north of Chicago and my oldest daughter and I pasture- board five horses on a nearby farm.
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