windance 016

My name is Cathy Wilson.
I am not a horse trainer.
I did not grow up with horses.
I don’t ride much, but I hang out with and take care of horses every day.

I fell in love with a blind horse when I was in my mid 40’s and took care of him every day for two years.  After I met him, I began reading and learning as much as I could about horses.  I didn’t understand many of the practices I saw in riding and caring for horses and questioned everything.

The trainers/horse people I have learned the most from are:
Carolyn Resnick
Joe Camp
Mark Rashid

Today, my oldest daughter and I have five horses that we pasture board on about 30 acres at a farm in Northern Illinois about an hour and a half from Chicago.

I believe that relationship and trust are the keys to having a horse than wants to be with you.  That wants to do what you ask.

I am constantly learning from them – about horses, about trust, about life, about love.

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